It's about the Local Economy!!
Because every dollar spent at a local independent business generates three times more income, wealth, and jobs than a dollar spent at a national chain. And that’s good for Sammamish.

Sammamish Chamber of Commerce is working with residents and local businesses to build a vibrant local economy, rooted in local ownership, strong community and a healthy environment. Pledge Local is one of several efforts to get the word out about why local matters! Sammamish Chamber Online Marketplace is a small business initiative to support Sammamish Small Business Online. Pledge today by signing up and supporting the local economy of Sammamish. We will be sending you information to keep you aware of local business on a regular basis.We respect your privacy with emails.

Keep Sammamish! Sammamish!
Local independent businesses give our city its unique personality and its vibrancy, making this an incredible and interesting place to live.

We're in this Together
Because we believe that when our friends and neighbors do well, we’re all better off.


Why Local Matters?

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